More Branding

1800 Jose Cuervo

Impact BBDO Lebanon wanted me to hand draw their clients Jose Cuervo brand at Carlitto’s Lebanon.

Jose cuervo Tradicional

 *Note: I have nothing to do with the wall coverup of whatever was there before my work 🙂

Jose Cuervo Who's In



Branding on Red Tent

Part of Russian Standard Branding in Hacienda, I was asked to add Jose Cuervo | Who’s In? branding as well on the new red tent outside.

Jose Cuervo Branding

Jose Cuervo | who’s In?

Hacienda Branding

I added Hacienda’s Logo and Emblem as well.
Flower emblem Branding

Flower Emblem

All Done




im not really good with words or even expressing myself with words in that matter.  its good to start somewhere though and im starting right here..

i want to experiment with this and see where it takes me, hopefully somewhere i wanna be

so the reason for this blog is i wanted to get back in touch with my passion – – – design

design in the sense of everything creative bold simple unique imaginative incomparable unparalleled … um yes i might have just threw in some synonyms to sound a bit dramatic.

moving on…