The Look

Hamad's Obey Mockup

Illustration¬†inspired by Shepard Fairey’s OBEY.

Hamads Obey final-02

Closer look



Bubble Gum Character





Mosquito Illustration consists of multiple illustrator brushes combined for a scruffy effect.

Hacienda’s Food & Cocktail Menu

Hacienda's Cocktail Menu


Hacienda’s Cocktail Menu specializes in homemade original cocktails.



Hacienda's Food Menu


Hacienda’s Food Menu design was derived from the homey feeling you get from walking into the pub/resto with those earthy colors and wooden features. Hacienda is a latin word meaning an old farm.



Pencil Colored Bookcover

Pencil Color Bookcover

This book cover was a project I had back in Uni and its all pencil color. It was an interesting project (same time as the pencil color bag) to work on coz getting the right shades with pencil colors takes alot of time.

Shoe Abstract

Shoe Abstract Illustration

An illustrated abstract assembly of a zoomed in detailed shoe