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Mosquito Illustration consists of multiple illustrator brushes combined for a scruffy effect.

Surreal Lightbulb

Surreal Lightbulb Poster

I enjoy practicing and brushing up on my photoshop skills, Surreal Lightbulb is an example of some of the work that I’ve been working on on my free time. In this artwork I worked on the Magic Extractor and the Lighting Effects filter to apply shadows and add more lighting in the scene.


Stump Poster

This Stump project is magnificent.

I worked on alot of layer masks and overlay to get this piece of beauty

Tiger Type

Tiger Poster

This is the Beautiful Tiger Type Artwork.

Practice makes perfect and this is what I’m aiming for.
So in this artwork i worked alot on the Warp text to make the text any shape you want and in this case used the tiger text Warp for the black lines on the tiger.

I chose for the orange and green area to be in arabic so I found a traslated version of William Blakes “Tiger Tiger Shinning Bright” poem and integrated it in there.

This was absolutely painful and fun to work on. The tiger text Warping took forever but once you get it done its satisfying